Friday, September 25, 2009

Junior Piano Recital

I'm Happy to announce that the day of my recital is rapidly approaching.

Date: Monday October 5, 2009
Time: 7:30pm
Place: CSUS - Capistrano Music Hall in Room 142A -MRH
Afterwards you are welcome to come back stage and if you have time I would love for you to join me at "Hot Italian" Pizzza on 16th and Q after the performance.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bolzano Trip...

Saturday we went to Bolzano, the big town about 30min drive away.
We started out at about 9:30 in the freezing rain, couldn't get on two buses because they were full so we took a stomach churning taxi down the mountain to Bolzano.
After we finally got out of the taxi trap we had a great time shopping and taking pictures. Bolzano is a really great city and has tons of shopping and great views.
~Freezing at the bus stop~~Trying not to puke in the Taxi~
~Scott Trying to advertise his Tagheuer Watch...~

~Dayvin Trying to Scare Kosumo with her doll pose~

~Sitting in the crowded bus on the way back~
So many people!

~Cool Bike~

~Street Perfomer~

~Fountain in the Main Square~

~Streets of Bolzano~

Scherln Friends

~Liza and I with 5 kilo of Nuttella bewteen us...~~Eating at Tchaffon~
Tyler,Dayvin, Paulo, Me, Jon-Jon, Ben~

~Master Class~
Me, Dr. Rickman, Gene, Alessandro

~My favorite Maestro Khokhlov~

~Me and Liza~

~Me with Dr. Rickman's Studio~
Plus Liza and Kim

An Amazing Performance

Last night, there was a a performance here at the town church. It was probably one of the best of the festival.
Ilan Schneider and Anna Balakerskaya performed the Carmen Fantasie by Franz Waxman and it was amazing. I happened to record it and I'm so excited to have it to look at again.
Ilan is probably the most amazing violist I've had the honor to hear.
A few days ago we were able to sit and chat over cappucino's in the town square and have a great time getting to know each other.
I think that going to these types of festivals offers more than just performance experience, it also allows the students to get to know some of the world's most renowned musicians.
After the Carmen, a 24 year old tenor got up and sang like Pavorati. It was simply amazing!
~Sergey Romanovsky~~Romanovsky Singing in the Church~

~Ilan and Anna~
~Ilan and I~

Town Folks

Since today is my last day here in Schlern I tried to get pictures with all the people I've made friends with here in Schlern. Here are just a few.
~Lisel and I~

~Fabrizia the Barista at the Cafe I get Cappuccino every day~

~Simon, the Mayor's Nephew~
~Paulo, the Pizzeria owner~

~The Cafe Owners~
Diego, Giovanna 1 & 2, Ferdinando

~The Cafe~

~Paulo's Pizzeria Tchaffon~
We go here almost every night. Pizza Marguerite with garlic sauce is the best.
It's just cheese with garlic sauce...mmm