Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bolzano Trip...

Saturday we went to Bolzano, the big town about 30min drive away.
We started out at about 9:30 in the freezing rain, couldn't get on two buses because they were full so we took a stomach churning taxi down the mountain to Bolzano.
After we finally got out of the taxi trap we had a great time shopping and taking pictures. Bolzano is a really great city and has tons of shopping and great views.
~Freezing at the bus stop~~Trying not to puke in the Taxi~
~Scott Trying to advertise his Tagheuer Watch...~

~Dayvin Trying to Scare Kosumo with her doll pose~

~Sitting in the crowded bus on the way back~
So many people!

~Cool Bike~

~Street Perfomer~

~Fountain in the Main Square~

~Streets of Bolzano~


Carly said...

Hey Maria,
Looks like you are having fun =) Keep taking pictures! Oh and maybe post a video of you playing the piano in one of those pretty churches...I would like to hear you play! Also, thanks for the post card =) Love ya and hope your having fun!

Janell said...


Wow, what a cool opportunity! Those church are so cool in Europe, aren't they?! Happy you got to go, and can't wait to hear you play at some of your recitals! I bet you're amazing! =)

skylerizm's said...

I love you sooooooooooooooo much cant wait till you get here.also this blog is the best
love bro sky